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Business Course Descriptions


4524                       Accounting

This course is an entry-level business finance course that introduces principles and procedures for proprietorships and partnerships using double entry accounting with emphasis on accounting principles as they relate to both manual and automated financial systems.  This course will involve analyzing and recording business transactions and preparing, analyzing, and interpreting financial reports as a basis for decision-making.

Grade: 10-12                                       Prerequisite:  None                                             Full Year:  2 credits


4522                       Accounting 2

This course is an advanced level business finance course that will expand upon the principles and procedures leaned in Accounting.  Emphasis will be placed on the managerial accounting of corporations using more in-depth analysis of financial statements.  Instructional strategies may include the use of computers, projects, simulations, and real world experiences to apply accounting theories and generate reports.  

Grade: 11-12                                       Prerequisite: Accounting                 Full Year: 2 credits


4562                       Principles of Business Management

Principles of Business Management focuses on the roles and responsibilities of managers as well as opportunities and challenges of ethically managing a business in the free enterprise system. Students will attain an understanding of management, team building, leadership, problem solving steps and processes that contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. The management of human and financial resources is emphasized.

Grade 11-12                                        Prerequisite:  None                                              Full Year:  2 credits


4512                 Business Math

This course is a one-year business course designed to develop the ability to solve real world problems in order to become productive citizens and workers in technological society.  Areas of study to be introduced are number relationships and operations; patterns and algebra; measurements, and statistics and probability.  Problem solving applications will be used to analyze and solve business problems for such areas as taxation, savings and investments, payroll records, cash management, financial statements, purchases, sales, inventory records, and depreciation.  Included in this course will be personal finance planning, financial services, budgeting, investments, and insurance protection; credit management, consumer purchases, rights and responsibilities, and decision making skills for all aspects of life as consumers, producers, entrepreneurs, and economic citizens.

Grade:  11-12                                      Prerequisite:  None                                            Full Year:  2 credits

May use for graduation credit in Math – not a Core 40 class


5254                       Career Planning and Success Skills

This course is designed to address the essential knowledge, skill, and behaviors all students need to live successfully in today’s world.  In this course, students will explore career goals, make 4-year plans, research job opportunities and study the labor market, job search, make out applications, resumes, and do mock interviews.  Instructional strategies will include career research, job shadowing, field trips, projects, computers, and community service experiences.

Grade: 9 required                                Prerequisite:  None                                          One semester: 1 credit


4530                    Computer Applications

This course is designed to provide the background a student should have in order to understand Microsoft Word applications. The course will provide lab sessions, which will give the student practice in the use of Microsoft Word.  Students will develop document formatting skills during the second semester.  Communication skills will be developed and enhanced through the preparation and formatting of documents. 

Grade: 9  required                             Prerequisite: None                                             One semester:  1 credit


4528                       Computer Applications, Advanced

This course is designed to provide the background a student should have in order to understand Microsoft Excel, Power Point, Access, and Publisher and their use in business.  The curse will provide lab sessions, which will give the student practice in the use of the various software applications.

Grade: 10-12                                       Prerequisite: Comp Apps                 Full Year: 2 credits


5244                       Business Technology Lab I  (Advanced Computer Applications)

This course is designed to continue the background a student should have in order to understand advanced software applications and their use in business.  Particular emphasis is placed on the use of Microsoft Office applications software that is applicable in business settings.  The course will provide lab sessions.  There will be several job assignments to reinforce what has been learned.

 Grade: 11-12                                      Prerequisite:  Comp Apps                                 Full Year: 2 credits


4526                       Digital Communication Tools

This course prepares students to use computerized devices and software programs to effectively handle communication related school assignments and to develop communication competencies needed for personal and professional activities after graduation.   Digital Communication Tools is a new course replacing keyboarding.   A portion of this class may include teaching/reinforcing keyboarding skills.

Grade:  9-12                                        Prerequisite:  None                                            Full Year:  2 credits



4566                  Entrepreneurship

This is a specialized business course designed to provide students the skills needed to effectively organize, develop, create, and manage their own business.  Emphasis is placed on the functions of marketing: distribution, financing, marketing-information management, pricing, product/service components of the free enterprise system, human relations, interpersonal skills, and business ethics.  Students will develop a written business plan for a business of their choice.  Students will also run the book store over lunch periods as part of their curriculum.  Field trips will be utilized to look at different types of businesses and to the small business administration. 

Grade: 11-12                                       Prerequisite:  None                                                Full Year: 2 credits


5232                       Interactive Media (Web Design)

This course is designed to create and maintain a school web site.  During the first year, students will create the high school web site followed by corporation, middle school, and grade schools.  Students will learn about the history of the web, design principles, evaluation of websites for excellent and poor design, copyright and fair use, Netiquette, HTML, coding and the use of different software such as Front Page, Adobe, Photoshop, and others. 

Grade: 10-12                                       Prerequisite: None                                                 Full Year: 2 credits



4540                 (PRS FIN RSP) Personal Financial Responsibility

Personal Financial Responsibility addresses the identification and management of personal financial resources to meet the financial needs and wants of individuals and families, considering a broad range of economic, social, cultural, technological, environmental, and maintenance factors. This course helps students build skills in financial responsibility and decision making; analyze personal standards, needs, wants, and goals; identify sources of income, saving and investing; understand banking, budgeting, record-keeping and managing risk, insurance and credit card debt. A project based approach and applications through authentic settings such as work based observations and service learning experiences are appropriate. Direct, concrete applications of mathematics proficiencies in projects are encouraged.


Grade 11: Required                           Prerequisite: None                                             One semester:  1 credit