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English Course Descriptions

English Courses

* A graduation, Core 40 and Academic Honors Course

1009                       English 9 *

This course will be a continuation in the study of grammar as well as an introduction to literature.  The emphasis will be on the study of phrases, clauses, usage, punctuation, and the application of these concepts through writing.  Also the course focuses on the short story, drama, poetry, and vocabulary development.

Grade:  9                                                                                                Full Year: 2 credits


1004                       English 10*

This class consists of writing, beginning with process and ending with long compositions and a research paper, a survey of literature including all literary genre, and vocabulary study.

Grade:  10                                                                                               Full Year: 2 credits


1076                       English 11 Speech*

This course is the study of the process and product of interpersonal communications.  Specific activities include: giving seven presentations, weekly vocabulary study, and concentration on essay responses.  Special portfolios will be produced.

Grade: 11                                                                                           One semester: 1 credit


1020                       American Literature *

This course is an overview of the basic schools of American Literature from Pre-Columbian through modern times.  Specific activities include reading 2 novels, weekly vocabulary study, and concentration on essay responses.  A writing portfolio will be kept.

Grade:  11                                                                                        One semester: 1 credit


1124                       Advanced Composition *

This course is primarily an expository (writing to explain) writing course, which focuses on preparing college-bound students for all facets of college writing.  Specific activities include reviewing orders and methods of development, vocabulary assignments, and writing themes.  Students will be expected to complete a research paper according to MLA or APA style.

Grade:  12                                                                                         One semester:  1 credit


1030                       English Literature *

This course presents the beginnings of literature in the English language and follows a time line presenting significant historical and literary events during the literary history of the British Isles. This class is for four-year, college-bound students.  (grade 12, 1 semester, 1 credit)  * may earn college credit

Grade:  12                                                                                         One semester:  1 credit


1008                       English 12 *

This course is a practical approach to the study of English for students who plan to enter the work force immediately after graduation or attend a technical program of study.  Many activities will utilize cooperative learning techniques.

Grade:  12                                                                                             Full Year:  2 credits


1012                       English as a New Language (freshman)

                 English as a New Language (sophomore)

This course provides non-English speaking students with instruction in English that should help improve their proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English.  Emphasis is placed on helping students to function within the regular school setting and within and English speaking society.  *Special Note – This course is not a part of standard foreign language sequence.  A maximum of four credits may be earned through this course in the language arts area.

Grade:  9-10                                                                                             Up to four credits


1084                       Mass Media

This course provides the study and practice in gathering and analyzing information, interviewing, and note taking for the purpose of writing, editing, and publishing for print.  This course includes instruction and practice in effective journalistic writing forms and techniques as well as layout, design, and typography.  The concept of responsible journalism is discussed.  This course offers practical training in planning, marketing, and publishing the school yearbook. *Special Note - Students must have maintained a “C” average or better in high school English to be eligible for this class.  Also students are advised that journalism cannot take place solely in a classroom setting; therefore, hours outside of school are needed to complete assignments.  Assignments may vary throughout the year depending on the “beat” assigned.

Grade: 10-12                                 Prerequisite: None                     One semester:  1 credit


Student Publications 2

This theory-plus-production course reinforces the basics learned in Journalism and should attract budding writers, designers, and photographers.  Second and third year students return as editors.  *Special Note - Students MUST have maintained a "B" or better average in Student Publications 1 to be admitted to this class.  Yearbook students must use time out of school to take pictures.  Due to time restraints and company deadlines, all layouts must be turned in on time for a passing semester grade. 

Grade: 11-12                                   Prerequisite:  None                        Full Year:  2 credits


                         Student Publications 3

See above.