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Foreign Language Course Descriptions


Foreign Language Description

* A graduation, Core 40, and Academic Honors Course


2040                       German I *

Students will cover basic vocabulary and grammar.  The ability to speak basic sentences, read, write, and comprehend will be stressed.  Tapes and oral drills are used to increase comprehension and to improve pronunciation.  German culture and geography is also covered.  * Also, students will be expected to speak the German language in class. 

Grade:  9-12                                                         Prerequisite:  None                                  Full Year:  2 credits


2042                       German II *

This class places an emphasis on expanding the grammar and vocabulary knowledge of the student.  Students will read, translate, and write more.  The use of drills and tapes will be used to increase the students speaking ability.  Students must speak the language! 

Grade:  10-12                                                      Prerequisite:  German 1                        Full Year:  2 credits


2044                       German III*

Students will complete grammar study.  There are three phases to the class -- reading, speaking, and culture.  Literature short stories are read.  A conversation book is used to teach culture and to practice grammar and vocabulary.  Everyday situations are created to give students a chance to speak the language. 

Grade:  11-12                                                         Prerequisite:  German 1/2              Full Year:  2 credits


2046                       German IV * (dual credit opportunity)

This course is a general review of grammar and vocabulary.  Students are required to use the language in the classroom setting.  A variety of reading materials are used to reinforce culture, grammar and comprehension.  Attention is given to the individual wants and needs of the students.  Students are required to participate in a German children’s play.  Competition in the Academic Bowl is also required. Some time is also spent preparing for college placement exams. 

Grade:  12                                                            Prerequisite:  German 1/2/3           Full Year:  2 credits


2120                       Spanish I *

Students will learn to listen, speak, read and write in Spanish at a basic level of communication.  Emphasis will be placed on questions and appropriate responses within the target language with a review of necessary grammar.  Specific activities include videos, recordings and dialogs.  Also, all students must be willing to speak the language. 

Grade:  9-12                                                         Prerequisite:  None                               Full Year:  2 credits


2122                       Spanish II *

Students will expand their vocabulary and their ability to communicate in Spanish.  They will listen, read, speak, and write the Spanish language.  Most of the classroom interaction will be in Spanish. Students will ask and answer questions in Spanish, listen and respond to recordings, and read short readings and dialogues.  Emphasis is on speaking Spanish.

Grade:  10-12                                                      Prerequisite:  Spanish 1                       Full Year:  2 credits


2124                       Spanish III *

Emphasis will be placed on speaking Spanish and reading literary selections in Spanish.  Students will attempt to speak Spanish at all times.  Advanced grammar will be covered.  Other activities will include viewing of Spanish films and writing in Spanish.

Grade:  11-12                                                        Prerequisite:  Spanish 1/2                Full Year:  2 credits


2126                       Spanish IV * (dual credit opportunity)

This course is a continuation of Spanish III.  Grammar review is minimal.  Poetry, literature, culture, history, and cooking of certain countries will be discussed in depth.  Specific activities include viewing films and performances. 

Grade:  12                                                               Prerequisite:  Spanish 1/2/3           Full Year:  2 credits