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Social Studies Course Description



* A graduation, Core 40, and Academic Honors Course

1570                       World Geography/History of the World *

Geography and History of the World is a course in which students will geographically look at the world.  Students will learn various geographic and historical skills and concepts of historical geography that will be used to explore certain global themes throughout the world since 1000 C.E.    Some examples are:  the origin and spread of world religions; world exploration; imperialism; urbanization; and innovations and revolutions.  By using these skills, concepts and the processes associates with hem students are able to analyze, evaluate, and make predictions about major global developments.  A strong focus will be placed on current event Modern World Civilization and Current Events s.   (must take one or the other – cannot take one semester of 100 and one semester of 102) 

Grade:  9-12                                 Prerequisite: None                             Full Year: 2 credits


1528                       Modern World Civilization

Modern World Civilization is designed to give the student an in-depth perspective on how our modern world has developed. We will focus on themes such as the development of democracy, renaissance, Muslim expansion, monarchies, various revolutions, imperialism, world wars, diplomacy, and global interdependence.  Although we will discuss themes from a United States perspective, we will also study many themes from a global point of view.  When the course is complete, the student should have a much better understanding how the modern world has developed.

Grade: 10-12                                Prerequisite: None                          One semester: 1 credit



1542                       United States History * 

1560                       AP History

United States History will review, in chronological order, the major eras of our history to the post Civil War times.  Major emphasis will be put on post Civil War America blending together the geographic, social and economic factors of our nation’s history with the historical events.  The student should be able to place major events in sequence and discuss cause and effect of events.  The cultural diversity of our nation will be discussed.  Current events will be integrated with the events of the past.  The student’s semester project will help to develop inquiry skills. Required - 

Grade: 11 required                           Prerequisite:  None                         Full Year:  2 credits


1540                       United States Government */Advanced Placement

United States Government provides a framework for understanding the nature and importance of responsible civic participation for learning the rights and responsibilities of individuals in a constitutional democracy.  The course enables students to explore the historic origins and evolution of political philosophies into contemporary political and legal systems.   Constitutional structure and the process of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the national, state, and local levels of government are examined.  Students learn to draw conclusions about the impact and interrelationships of history, geography, and economics upon our system of government.  They also learn to demonstrate an understanding of the government structures of the United States and other political systems, as well as the relationship of American Government to world affairs.  This class is taken in conjunction with Economics. 

Grade: 12 required                          Prerequisite:  None                    One Semester:  1 credit


1514                       Economics *

Economics will study the problem of scarcity and the choices consumers must look at in the decision making process.  Economics will also look at decision making in the following areas: producer, saver, investor, employers, businesses, public policy, economic systems, and the stock market.  This class is taken in conjunction with United States Government.

Grade: 12 required                        Prerequisite:  None                     One Semester:  1 credit


1532                       Psychology – dual credit opportunity

Psychology will study individual behavior and cognition.  The course will look at different methods of study that apply to the investigation of both normal and abnormal behavior.  This course will also investigate mind and body relationships, perceptions, emotions, memory processes, learning, stress and mental disorders.

Grade:  12                                     Prerequisite:  None                      One Semester:  1 credit


1534                       Sociology  – dual credit opportunity

Sociology will study group behavior and relationships.  The course will focus on research, culture, deviance, race relations, adolescence, social institutions and socialization.

Grade:  12                                     Prerequisite:  None                      One Semester:  1 credit