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Technology Course Descriptions



4792/4782            Construction Processes/Systems

This is a broad course that explores the application of tools, materials, and energy in designing, producing, using and assessing constructed works.  Students will explore techniques used to apply technology in producing residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and a variety of civil structures. 

Grade:  9-12                                         Prerequisite:  None                                 Full Year:  2 credits


5644              Introduction to Engineering Design (Algebra 1)


5644             Principles of Engineering (Geometry)

Engineering is designed to introduce students to the fundamental aspects of engineering/engineering technology.  Instruction will emphasize underlying principles of engineering processes and the development of three-dimensional solid models.  Instructional activities will build skills ranging from sketching simple geometric shapes to applying a solid modeling computer software package.  Students will develop critical thinking and problem solving skills through instructional activities that pose design and application challenges for which they develop solutions.  It is recommended that these courses be taken over a two year period and that the student be enrolled in concurrent math courses.

Grade:  9-12                                           Prerequisite:  Algebra I/Geometry                 Full Year:  2 credits


5650                       Civil Engineering and Architecture

This course provides an overview of the fields of Civil Engineering, Architecture, while emphasizing the interrelationship and dependence of both fields on each other.   Students use state of the art software to solve real world problems and communicate solutions to hand-on projects and activities.   This is a course that covers Project Lead the Way content standards. 

Grade:  10-12                                         Prerequisite: IED and POE                                Full Year:  2 credits


5538                       Digital Electronics (off campus at Jasper High School)

This course is a course in the study of applied digital logic that encompasses the design and application of electronic circuits and devices found in video games, watches, calculators, and thousands of other devices.   Instruction includes the application of engineering and scientific principles as well as the use of Boolean algebra to solve design problems.

Grade:  11-12                                      Prerequisite: IED and POE                             Full Year:  2 credits


5518                        Aerospace Engineering (off campus at Jasper High School)

This course should provide students with the fundamental knowledge and experience to apply mathematical, scientific, and engineering principles to the design, development, and evaluation of aircraft, space vehicles and their operating systems. Emphasis should include investigation and research on flight characteristics, analysis of aerodynamic design, and impact of this technology on the environment. Classroom instruction should provide creative thinking and problem-solving activities using software that allows students to design, test, and evaluate a variety of air and space vehicles, their systems, and launching, guidance and control procedures.

Grade:  11-12                                      Prerequisite: IED and POE                               Full Year:  2 credits






5088      Agricultural Power, Structure and Technology

              Agricultural Power, Structure and Technology 2 

Students in this class will learn basic metal work and mechanical repair.  Basic metal fabrication techniques will include arc and MIG welding, CNC plasma cutting systems, oxyacetylene torch use and safety, machining, and other metal repair such as sweating copper fittings.  In the advanced class, students will also learn about small engines and hydraulics.  Students will be required to make certain projects for the class.  After the class requirements are met, students will be allowed to work on their own projects (with approval from parents and teacher!)

Grade:  11-12                                Prerequisite: None                                    Full Year:  2 credits
5056      Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
Students who like variety will like Fundamentals of Agriculture because we only spend a couple of weeks on any one topic.  We’ll spend time learning about large and small animals, landscape management, wildlife, food science, horticulture, forestry, crop production, ag mechanics, and much more.  Mr. Sickbert tries to include a variety of hands on experiences and labs like building bird houses in the wildlife unit, cooking in the kitchen lab for the food science unit, going out to the woods for forestry, and bringing in animals or going to farms for the animal science units. Fundamentals of Ag is an introduction to all areas of agriculture, so this class is mainly for freshmen and sophomores who are interested in taking an ag education class.
Grade Level:  9–12                          Prerequisite:  None                                 Full Year:  2 credits
5132      Horticulture Science
This class is for the student who likes to work hands-on and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty!  The first 9 weeks of school is spent in the classroom learning about landscape designs, drawings, the basics of the greenhouse and other things we can cover while it’s too hot outside to work.  After it cools down a little, most of your days are spent working in the greenhouse.  While in the greenhouse, students learn how to grow and multiply plants using new techniques that most people have never tried.  You have your own greenhouse space where you will take care of plants that you will take home at the end of the year.  We also raise plants that we will sell during our Ag student/teacher cookout.  In the springtime, students will work outside sprucing up the school landscape.
Grade Level:   10-12                      Prerequisite: Fund of Ag                             Full Year:  2 credits
5008      Animal Science (offered every other year)

 If you like working with and learning about animals, you’ll like this class.  The first semester is all about how animals’ bodies work, and the semester ends with a pig dissection lab (Hands-On!)  During the second semester, students learn more about how animals are raised on farms or as pets and how to care for them.  Students participate in a variety of individual and group projects throughout the year.  Projects include everything from building an animal digestive system to incubating and hatching chickens in the classroom.  This class is a great experience for anyone who wants to pursue a career related to animals or biology.

Grade Level:  9–12                     Prerequisite:  None                                    Full Year:  2 credits


5180      Natural Resources

 If you like the great outdoors, this is something you’re going to enjoy while learning a lot.  Natural Resource students learn about wildlife biology and conservation of forests and soils.  Students will spend time outdoors learning about and identifying plants and animals; we’ll also do a monthly water sampling in the pond on the school property.  We’ll learn a lot in the classroom, but it will always have a hands-on component to connect with nature.  If you’re big on “going green,” if you’re into hunting and fishing, or if you just love to get outside, Natural Resource Management is going to help you learn more about the natural world.

Grade: 10-12                                       Prerequisite:  None                                Full Year: 2 credits
5170      Plant and Soil Science (offered every other year)

Students will participate in a variety of lab and greenhouse activities as they learn how plants work.  There will be some greenhouse time as in the horticulture class, but there will be more focus on the science behind how plants live and grow.  Students will also learn about production agriculture through involvement in our 40 acre land lab and hands-on activities such as soil evaluation.  FFA membership is encouraged.

Grade Level:  9–12                            Prerequisite: None                                 Full Year:  2 credits
5070      Advanced Life Science: Animals (dual credit opportunity)
So you’ve already taken biology and chemistry/ICP and you’re ready to step it up a notch!  This class is for the person who really enjoys science but wants to learn things from a different angle.  Instead of learning about the human body, we learn about biology by studying how animals’ bodies work.  This class can be used as a dual credit science class and can count toward college credit (by taking place of An Sci 102 at Purdue or some biology courses at other colleges.)
Grade: 11-12                                    Prerequisite: Biology/Chemistry or ICP      Full Year:  2 credits
5072      Advanced Life Science: Foods (dual credit opportunity)
f you love science or you’re just a “Foodie,” (one of those folks who loves to watch Food Network shows like Good Eats or Iron Chef, ) then grab a periodic table and a spatula and let’s see what we can create.  Students will learn the science (mostly chemistry) of how foods work.  Ever wonder why some chocolate is smooth and creamy while some chocolate is waxy or grainy?  Ever wondered why a fried egg turns white?   Ever wondered what kind of ingredients makes the best cookies?  These are some of the questions you will learn to answer through this class.  WARNING: This class is as much or more about the science behind the food as it is the food itself!  Be prepared.  This is also a dual credit class that will count toward college credit in some programs.
Grade:  11-12                                  Prerequisite: Biology/Chemistry or ICP       Full Year:  2 credits