Parent Educational Resources

Parent Educational Resources

Southwest Dubois County School Corporation is committed to empowering parents, guardians, grandparents, or any individual raising children with the resources necessary to minimize parenting challenges.  The educational resources provided cover a variety of topics: SWDCS information, academic enrichment, social/emotional/mental wellness, healthy living, and technology use. 


Southwest Dubois County School Corporation 

Southridge Middle School Parent Information Night

SWDCS Bilingual Catalog of Services


Academic Enrichment

Writing Resource

High Ability Enrichment


Social, Emotional, and Mental Wellness

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Social and Emotional Learning Strategies for Parents

Dr. Daniel Siegel presenting a Hand Model of the Brain

How stress affects your brain - Madhumita Murgia


Healthy Living


Sleep for School Aged Children

Healthy Sleep Habits

Teens and Sleep: The Cost of Sleep Deprivation

How to Help Teenagers Get More Sleep


How to Help Your Child Choose Foods Wisely

Does Your Child Make the Grade?

Nutrition - School Age

Healthy Children: Nutrition

Nutrition Tips

Physical Activity

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

Finding Time to be Active

Keeping Your Child Active



Parenting in the Digital Age