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Southridge Raider Logo

Southridge High School was established in 1972 with the consolidation of Huntingburg and Holland High Schools.

Since then, the school has been represented by a multitude of logos, some representing the school as a whole, while others were sport specific.

The goal of the new brand is to promote the academic and athletic programs, while unifying the schools throughout the Southwest Dubois County School Corporation.

In creating a logo that would represent the Southridge Raiders of the future, it was important to recognize the Raiders of the past.

Multiple elements from previous logos were used as inspiration.

  • The original logo from 1972 was a perfect starting point for the composition, a Raider head, positioned above an S emblazoned shield.
  • The outline shape of the tailing flames of the flaming S logo were used in the plume of the Raider’s helmet.
  • The Gothic S from the original Raiders logo was replaced with the more frequently used Block S and given a more pronounced drop shadow.
  • The gray mask and red eyes from the baseball team’s alternate mark were the inspiration for the new Raider helmet.