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Accessibility Statement


Southwest Dubois County School Corporation

Accessibility Statement:


Southwest Dubois County School Corporation is committed to ensuring that our services, educational materials, information and methods are accessible to all students. 


Every person has the right to an education with as much independence, dignity, equity, comfort and equivalent ease of use as possible.


Southwest Dubois County School Corporation uses the framework of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to expand and guide our use of accessible technologies to enhance our instruction and gain better outcomes for all students.  


We believe that UDL and the use of accessible technology has placed us on a pathway to improve services to all of our students. With our diverse student population, we recognize the need to create both accessible and flexible learning environments. Just as the American with Disabilities Act requires buildings be accessible to all who might enter, UDL serves as a framework to make learning environments accessible to all students. 


If you have questions or are experiencing difficulty with any content, materials, or wish to report an accessibility issue, please contact the school corporation.