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Dual Language Immersion

Dual Language Immersion

Huntingburg Elementary School is in it's 2nd year of its DLI program! Students spend half the day learning in Spanish, and the other half learning in English. 

Beginning in August 2020, Huntingburg Elementary School launched its Dual Language Immersion program, offering students in Kindergarten an immersive experience in both English and Spanish languages. Students enrolled in the program spend half the day learning with a Spanish speaking teacher and the other half with an English speaking teacher. Our DLI program offers a rich bilingual experience for young learners when their minds are developmentally ready. Not only do immersion students typically develop an enhanced cognitive flexibility, memory, primary language skills, and problem solving, but immersion students are also more aware and tolerant of other cultures and people. 

For our native English-speaking students, the goal is to start the language learning process early-on so students can retain and continue to build on their Spanish skills. For our native Spanish-speaking students (who may also be English language learners), this program supports them by providing instruction and allowing them to express themselves in their dominant language, while simultaneously building their English skills. Ultimately, we hope for all students in the program to achieve bilingualism, biliteracy, and sociocultural competence.

Dual Language Immersion Student Handbook

2022 Parent DLI Info Night Presentation

If you are interested in applying for HBE's DLI program, please complete an application below. 

2022 DLI Application