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Dual Language Immersion

Bilingual and Biliteracy | Grade Level Achievement | Sociocultural Competence


Applications will open in January of 2024.



Enrollment for the dual language program is currently closed for the 2022-2023 school year.

Southwest Dubois School Corporation offers elementary dual language programs at Huntingburg Elementary School. We currently offer kindergarten to 2nd* grade dual language with plans to expand through the corporation in the coming years. 

*Please note: grade level is for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Program Structure

Students in Southridge’s dual language programs receive 50% of their instruction in English and 50% in Spanish and are taught by qualified bilingual teachers. The program includes students who are native speakers of English and Spanish. For our native English-speaking students, the goal is to start the language learning process early-on so students can retain and continue to build on their Spanish skills. For our native Spanish-speaking students (who may also be English language learners), this program supports them by providing instruction and allowing them to express themselves in their dominant language, while simultaneously building their English skills. Ultimately, we hope for all students in the program to achieve bilingualism, biliteracy, and sociocultural competence.

  • Students learn to read and write in both languages. Reading and writing will be taught in both languages at each grade level K-5.  Other subject areas will be allocated 50% in English / 50 % in Spanish and will alternate.
  • Families must choose to be in the program. Students need the full support of their families to succeed. Their family does not have to be bilingual in order for the student to succeed and become bilingual and bi-literate.
  • Languages are not taught as in a Spanish language class. Instead, students are immersed in each language and study the same subjects as all students at the school.
  • The teacher does not translate for the students. Children have a natural language-learning capacity, and using a second language to learn interesting things at school is a natural way to pick up that language.


The goals of the dual language program are to help students:

  • Become bilingual and biliterate, developing high levels of proficiency in two languages.
  • Perform at or above grade level in academic areas in both languages.
  • Demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors.


  • Being bilingual is good for the brain.
  • Students in a dual language program have higher academic achievement.
  • Bilingual people have greater economic opportunities than people who don’t speak two languages.
  • Students in a dual language program learn about and respect other cultures and languages.
  • Students benefit from a dual language program most when enrolled for 6 years or more.
  • Our DLI program offers a rich bilingual experience for young learners when their minds are developmentally ready.
  • Language immersion students typically develop an enhanced cognitive flexibility, memory, primary language skills, and problem solving.
  • Immersion students are also more aware and tolerant of other cultures and people. 

Why Spanish?

  • After English, Spanish is the most frequently spoken language by students and families in our district.
  • There are more resources and teachers available for these languages.
  • There are many future job opportunities for Spanish speakers in our community.

For more information about our dual language programs, please contact Rossina Sandoval Monsivais, Director of Community Engagement,, 812-683-3971 ext. 5006