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Responsible Use of Technology Guidelines

Welcome to the Southwest Dubois County School Corporation's Responsible Use of Technology Guidelines, designed to support a safe and conducive digital learning environment. These guidelines define the responsible use of electronic resources provided by SWDCS and outline policies to ensure a secure and enriching educational experience, aligned with our educational objectives.

responsible Use agreement

Contrato de Responsabilidad de uso

Access to Electronic Resources:

  • Internet Access: SWDCS provides access to the internet as a valuable resource supporting the educational vision, mission, and goals of the district. While automatic internet access is granted to students and staff, SWDCS implements filtering measures to restrict access to inappropriate content.

  • Content Filtering: Our district employs robust content filtering mechanisms to prevent access to materials deemed inappropriate. However, due to the dynamic nature of the internet, complete filtration is not guaranteed. Hence, monitoring internet activities remains a priority, as mandated by the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

Teacher Web Pages and Internet Resources:

  • Educational Selection: Teachers play a critical role in selecting relevant and age-appropriate material aligned with curriculum objectives. Prior to students accessing online resources, teachers review and vet the content, providing guidance and resource lists to assist students in navigating online research effectively. SWDCS supports and provides training to teachers on creating online classrooms within their LMS. 

  • Digital Literacy: Educators aim to equip students with critical thinking skills to evaluate information credibility, differentiate between fact and opinion, and engage in discussions on contentious topics while promoting tolerance and respect for diverse perspectives.

Technology Protection Measures:

  • Unblocking Websites: In cases where necessary educational websites are filtered, students can request unblocking through their teachers. Requests are submitted via Securly, providing a justification for instructional access. Unblocking may be permitted for legitimate research or educational purposes.

User Responsibilities:

  • Educational Use: All technology resources provided by SWDCS are intended for educational or administrative purposes only. Students and staff are prohibited from accessing inappropriate sites or utilizing school resources for personal, commercial, or financial gains.

  • Safety and Privacy: Upholding the Student Code of Conduct extends to online behavior, encompassing cyberbullying prevention and safety measures. Users are expected to report any encounter with inappropriate information or messages to teachers or administrators. Personal contact information sharing is strictly prohibited, and caution is exercised when interacting online.

  • Cyber Safety Training: SWDCS is committed to ensuring that all individuals associated with technology within the district undergo comprehensive training on safe and appropriate technology utilization. This includes awareness of online behavior, cyberbullying prevention, and adherence to established guidelines.

BYOD Policy: Southwest Dubois County School Corporation does not operate under a BYOD policy. Students are provided with devices by the district for educational purposes, and unauthorized activation or use of personal electronic communication devices is not allowed on school premises, except under exceptional circumstances approved by the superintendent and principal.

Copyright. Copyright infringement is prohibited. Users are expected to follow copyright laws and fair use guidelines as specified by board policy and federal laws. Users are prohibited from illegally downloading or illegally copying from any electronic resource such as music, software, videos, etc.

Proxies. Users shall not use anonymous proxies or other techniques to circumvent content filtering. The use of anonymous proxies is strictly prohibited and is a direct violation of this policy.

Social Networking and Web 2.0 Tools: Embracing the changing landscape of communication, SWDCS acknowledges the importance of adapting to new communication methods while maintaining ethical standards. Employees are expected to demonstrate professional conduct and positive interactions with students and parents in digital environments.

Email Accounts: Email accounts provided by SWDCS are intended for promoting the district's goals and objectives. Users are expected to exercise ethical and responsible conduct in their use of email services, adhering to local, state, and federal regulations. The confidentiality of email communication cannot be guaranteed, and monitoring or disclosure may occur in accordance with legal requirements.

Conclusion: Any violations or breaches of these guidelines will be addressed through the student discipline code or appropriate administrative measures, aiming to ensure a safe and conducive learning environment within Southwest Dubois County School Corporation.

Welcome to the Technology Department

Katy Beck

Instructional Technology Director 

Nathan Beyke

Director of Technology                              

Heather Williams

Computer Technology Specialist


Parent Resources

Technology has created the opportunity for students to discover and experience learning in new and innovative ways.  Additionally, technology provides students access to an insurmountable amount of information through a global connection.  Along with these awesome opportunities is the concern regarding cyberbullying, digital citizenship, media literacy, and exposure to inappropriate content.  Navigating these obstacles can be daunting; thus, the resources below are provided to aid in ensuring technology has a positive impact on student learning and growth.