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Administrative Offices at our four(4) Corporation School Buildings open on Monday, July 24, 2023.
The Southwest Dubois County School Corporation begins classes on Wednesday August 9, 2023.

Please see the individual School Web Pages for more specific Back to School information relating to each School Building.

Registration Information

Meal Prices

Breakfast Serving Times

Holland & Huntingburg Elem - 7:30 a.m. - arrival of the last bus
Southridge Middle School - 7:35 a.m. - 7:55 a.m.
Southridge High School - 7:35 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
If your child is a car rider and is going to eat breakfast, please plan their arrival time accordingly so they are not late for class.

  Breakfast Lunch Extra Milk
Grades PK-5 FREE $2.50/day $0.40/ea
Grades 6-12 FREE $2.75/day $0.40/ea
Reduced Meal FREE $0.40/day $0.40/ea

*SMS/SHS students have the option of purchasing an “a la carte” lunch.
The price will vary with the items offered.


Free and Reduced Information

Application forms for free or reduced price meals and textbook assistance are available online or onsite on registration day. Online applications can be accessed at or through PowerSchool. The application and instructions can be accessed on the corporation website Forms must be complete before processing. If any information is missing, it will be sent back for the information needed and re-submitted for processing. The quickest way to apply and be processed for free or reduced meals and textbook assistance is to complete the application online. Households only need to apply one time if applying by paper form or online no matter if you have children in different schools in the corporation. If you have any questions or need assistance filling out the free and reduced application, feel free to contact Ora Lee Cotton, Food Service Director, at
812-683-2272 ext. 2607 or All information on the application form and any conversations with the food service director are kept confidential.
There is a charging policy in place for negative lunch accounts due to guidelines of the USDA. A copy of the policy will be available on registration day and on the corporation website at

School Wellness Snacks

In accordance with our Corporation’s School Wellness Program, we encourage parents who choose to send snacks for their child’s classroom for special occasions to send healthy snacks. The Corporation encourages wrapped snack items from the store.

School Maintenance Notifications


The Indiana Legislature enacted 410 IAC 33 which became effective on May 13, 2011 to give guidance to school corporations for maintaining proper indoor air quality in its facilities. Southwest Dubois County School Corporation has established procedures and practices to adhere to regulations established by 410 IAC 33. Individuals who have questions or concerns regarding indoor air quality issues in a facility operated by Southwest Dubois County School Corporation should contact Superintendent Tim LaGrange at 812-683-3971.


Southwest Dubois County School Corporation has established an Integrated Pest Management Program in an attempt to use non-chemical methods to minimize children’s and employee’s exposure to pesticides. In the event that pesticide use is required, the application will be performed when no children are present in the building to be treated.Individuals who would like to be notified when pesticides are to be used in the building their child attends should contact Superintendent Tim LaGrange at 812-683-3971.


The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) of 1987 required compilation of all asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) within the public and private schools (K-12 grades). This compilation was designed to identify not only if the asbestos was present, but its location, amount and condition. Southwest Dubois County School Corporation complied with AHERA by developing and implementing Asbestos Management Plans for all of its school facilities. The AHERA six month periodic surveillance inspections are being conducted by the school corporation and triennial re-inspections are being completed by accredited asbestos inspectors as required. Southridge Middle School and Huntingburg Elementary School do not contain asbestos building materials. The asbestos materials identified in the other buildings of the corporation are non-friable and in good condition. Non-friable asbestos does not represent a health risk. Individuals who have questions concerning the AHERA Program in the Southwest Dubois County School Corporation should contact Superintendent Tim LaGrange at 812-683-3971.


Bus transportation is a privilege and not a right. Transportation is provided to students who live in the Southwest Dubois County School district. Transportation may also be provided for a variety of activities including field trips, co-curricular and extracurricular trips. The bus driver’s main responsibility is to transport students. The bus driver is the sole authority on the bus while students are being transported. School buses are by far the safest form of transportation on the roads. Drivers are expected to make safe transportation their number one priority. Occasionally, a student may misbehave on the bus to the point that it is a distraction to the driver. Prompt action is necessary to ensure the safety of all the students on the bus.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner at bus stops. The corporation will not enter into disputes involving parents and or students concerning manners that take place prior to students boarding the bus, or after the student has disembarked from the bus on his/her way home.


Bus guidelines are very simple.

  • Be prompt. Be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus arrives in the morning.
  • Be courteous. Talk in a normal tone. Cooperate with the driver. Keep the bus clean.
  • Be safe. When boarding or departing the bus and when on the bus.


Bus 1-  Jeff Summers

Bus 6 AM - Jennifer Buechler

Bus 10 - Rick Jones

Bus 16 - Stacey Humbert

Bus 2 - Mackenzie Brown

Bus 6 PM - Amanda Thewes

Bus 11 - Becky Blesch

Bus 18 - Kenny Peacock

Bus 3 - Jim Heim

Bus 7 - Lee Blesch

Bus 12 - Theresa Englert

Bus 19 - Jamie Brady

Bus 4 - Donna Roesner

Bus 8 - Matt Julian

Bus 14 - Coriann Arts

Bus 20 - Sandy Holst

Bus 5 -Scott Brown

Bus 9 - Lauren Seaton

Bus 15 - Janet Haase


Corporation Staff

Superintendent – Tim LaGrange

Chief Financial Officer – Allison Pund

Director of Curriculum - Melissa Boeglin

Director of Community Engagement - Rossina Sandoval

Executive Secretary - April Trayweek

Athletic Director - Scott Buening

Athletic and Transportation Secretary – Audrey Hartloff

Director of Transportation – Andy Hammack

Director of Maintenance and Facilities - Corey Steckler

Food Service Director – Margaret Leavitt

Instructional Technology Director - Katy Beck

Media Specialist – Sarah Bardwell

School Resource Officer - Andy Hammack

Technology Director - Nathan Beyke

Technology and Communication Specialist - Andy Hoffman

Corporation Board of School Trustees

President – Jon Menke
Vice-President – John Schroeder
Secretary – Leslie Bunch
Member – Belinda Lange
Member – Courtney Schwartz

Frequently Asked Questions